I graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education in Novi Sad, majoring in recreation. In addition, I completed training as a personal trainer, physiotherapist and lifeguard.

Nine years ago, I started working as a physical education teacher in an electro-technical school in Novi Sad, where I still live and work today.

Already after the first year of working at the school, I decided to organize a private fitness center for working with women, MELTDOWN GYM. Through working with them, I realized that they are not interested in the classic type of bodybuilding, so I decided to design a special program, which would bring even better results. I started with a personal program, for which there was great interest, which led me to form smaller groups. Commitment to the individual increased, and thus the motivation of the exercisers themselves grew. With advice, supervision and my constant presence.

After a year of successful work, but with a limited number of clients, I decided to open another club, soon a second and a third. Our trainers are trained to work according to my program, each of them has a university education and has a coaching license. I have experience working with over 740 women. By expanding my business, I also started providing 1 on 1 ONLINE TRAINING services.